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RAW-POWER: Jarod Stratton, 11, fought well above his weight during Shotokan Week, in the 12-17 years age category, while James Harrison, 9, made the Australian team.

Wodonga's James Harrison could be one of Australia's best practitioners at the humble age of nine.
James attended Shotokan Week in Rockhampton during the school holidays, a week long training camp which culminated in the National Shotokan Karate Titles,which formed part of the selection criteria for the world championships in Indonesia next year.

The competition involves two separate events, the Kata, a demonstration of form and moves, and Kumite, or sparring.
After winning silver in the Kata and gold in the Kumite, the youngster qualified for the Australian team. James' sensei, Andrew Boyd, said he had made solid progress since joining his dojo two years ago. “He's an impressive young practitioner,” Boyd said. “He’s very focused on his training.”

It was after Harrison’s first competitive outing last year that Boyd saw a change in the young champion’s training habits. “He came back from his first competitions having really gotten a taste for the competition in both categories, and his discipline and concentration at training has been outstanding since then,” Boyd said. “I think he could go a long way of he continues training the way that he has.”

Despite his success, James said he was happy just to keep learning his craft. “It was scary the first time, but now I’m really excited to keep going to competitions,” he said. “I’m excited to go overseas.”
Article courtesy "The Border Mail"

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